RV & Motorhome Body Repair Escondido

We’ve seen it all before at our RV body shop; RV owners all over Southern California come back after their extended vacations with the typical road battle scars. From dinged-up doors to bent-in bumpers, almost no damage is too big for us.

With years of experience in the RV body work Escondido Body Refinishing Truck and RV has the skills to turn back time and make your RV like new again.

Call our shop at Call (760) 735-3359, and schedule an appointment to assess any damages to your RV or motorhome.

Not only do we have a unique trailer delivery service, but we also extend our expertise into the realm of RV body repair. At our body shop you can be assured that our experts have the resources and knowledge to address your concerns and issues.

We do offer solutions for the following problems, and then some:

  • Major and minor storm/hail damage
  • Dents due to collisions and accidents
  • Scratches, scuffs, and scrapes
  • Fiberglass damage
  • Chipped and mismatched paint
  • Torn and missing awnings
  • Damaged and leaky roofs
  • Busted head and tail lights
  • Cracked windows and mirrorsOur attention to detail is what truly allows us to produce consistent and quality results, no matter the project.

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